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Portfolio by Wells Fargo is a full-service financial program that includes quarterly financial education and insights addressing key financial topics. Scroll through to see stories from the current and previous editions.

Q1 2019

  1. Your Financial Health Toolkit
  2. 5 Financial Basics to Teach Your Kids
  3. Top Money-Saving Tips for Relocating

Q4 2018

  1. Tax Reform’s Impact on Charitable Giving
  2. Breaking Five Harmful Money Habits
  3. 2019 Goal: Decipher Your Investment Puzzle
  4. Build Your Early Retirement Plan
  5. Four Steps to Managing an Uptick in Your Income
  6. Make Charitable Giving a Family Affair
  7. Four Great Winter Travel Destinations

Q3 2018

  1. Tax Reform for Homeowners: 3 Important Changes
  2. Are You Covered? Insurance Coverage Mistakes to Avoid
  3. 5 Money Tips for Your College-Aged Child
  4. 5 Investment Strategies for Volatile Markets
  5. Beneficiary Basics for Retirement Accounts
  6. Tips to Plan a Fall Camping Retreat
  7. Real Estate: What to Look for in REITs

Q2 2018

  1. Avoid Overexposure to Your Company’s Stock
  2. 5 Strategies for Investing in Bonds
  3. Take Steps to Cope With Financial Stress
  4. Supporting an Adult Child When You’re Retired
  5. The Growing Business of Encore Entrepreneurs
  6. 6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp
  7. 5 Ways to Navigate Airline Rewards

Spring 2018

5 Things You Should Know About Market Risk
  1. Risk 101: 5 Things You Should Know
  2. Tax Prep: Defining Your Home State
  3. ID Fraud: More Than Just Retailer Hacks
  4. Understanding Target Date Funds
  5. Should You Consider a Prenup?
  6. 5 Financial Basics to Teach Your Kids
  7. Getting Help With the Vacation of Your Dreams

Winter 2017

  1. Is Your Plan Positioned to Help Protect You Against Uncertainty?
  2. 2018 Goal: Understand and Increase Your Net Worth
  3. Is a Will or Trust Right for You?
  4. Avoiding Hidden Risk in “Safe” Investments
  5. Charitable Giving and Your Children
  6. City Living: A New Way to Minimize
  7. Classic and Modern Major League Ballparks

Fall 2017

Financial Planning for Couples
  1. Financial Planning for Couples: Two Views, One Plan
  2. The Boomerang Generation
  3. 5 Tax-Savvy Investment Strategies
  4. How-To: Advance in Your Career
  5. Creating a Legacy With Life Insurance
  6. Financial Gifts Can Make a Lasting Impact
  7. Visiting Bermuda: Beyond the Beaches

Summer 2017

  1. Take Steps to Cope With Financial Stress
  2. The Role of Dividend-Paying Stocks
  3. Build a Legacy: Charitable Trusts and Donor Advised Funds
  4. Changing Jobs in Your Earning Years
  5. Your Children and Your Taxes
  6. How-To: Stay in Shape as You Get Older
  7. Orlando: Beyond Disney World

Spring 2017

  1. Setting Your Financial Priorities
  2. Balancing Risk in Your Portfolio
  3. Do You Have Enough Liquidity?
  4. Preserving Sibling Relationships and Managing Parents’ Finances
  5. Evaluating a Charity
  6. Gulf Coast Gems
  7. Cool Zoos

Fall/Winter 2016

figurines of bear and bull on a seesaw
  1. Investment Planning: Caution and Opportunity
  2. The Economics of Private School Education
  3. Retiring Abroad: Mapping Out Your Future
  4. How to Talk to Your Adult Child About Money
  5. Is It Time to Revisit Your Estate Plan?
  6. Preparing for Ski Season
  7. Strategic Philanthropy

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